About AECA

About AECA

The Spanish Accounting and Business Administration Association (AECA) is the only professional Spanish institution that issues generally accepted Accounting Principles and Standards, and recommendations or studies concerning good practices in Business management. Founded in 1979, the mission of AECA is to achieve a continuous improvement in the competence level of business professionals. We believe that a good professional guarantees the development of organizations and the progress of society.

AECA associates come from a wide professional, entrepreneurial, academic and research set of the Spanish accounting and business management field. AECA associates include as well nearly all institutions, associations and professional corporations related to accounting and business management, and a large number of industrial, commercial and service oriented companies, specially from financial, audit and consulting firms.

AECA membership is open to all institutions, individuals and organizations related to research and practice in the management field. An important and growing group of professionals and entities from different countries of Europe and Latin America is also actively getting involved in the Spanish Accounting and Business Administration Association and its Research Commissions.

The objectives of AECA

Its main task it to develop studies in the field of the Business Sciences aimed at improving management and information levels in the Spanish enterprise.

According to the 4th article of its Statutes, the objectives of AECA are:

  • The scientific development of Accounting and Business Management.
  • Promote scientific study among people linked to this disciplines (professors, civil servants, experts and business men).
  • Establish contacts and knowledge exchange with other associations and institutions at a national and international level relating to Business Sciences.
  • To create channels that allow greater spreading of Accounting and Business Management studies, together with the own works of the association.

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